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tribute to Dave & Danny Stephenson

This page is a tribute to two of the most wonderful men we have ever known. Two guys who have been an important part of the Regina music community until tragedy struck. That ugly disease called cancer took away two brothers within two months time. In between Gerry Krochak wrote a wonderful article in the Leader Post about the "Band Of Brothers" and about the benefit on October 20th to help cover the bills. Dave and Danny's sister Lisa came up with the idea to organize a yearly Band Of Brothers Benefit for other families in similar situations (see below). This page is a present to Ken and Carol, Lisa and the kids, Jaimie, Acyan and everyone who loves these guys as much as we do. Love as in present tense.. because we plan to keep them alive!

Sandra & Marlies - November 13, 2006

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Band Of Brothers poem

(by Tara Keating)

poem by Tara Keating